Interview with Mairéad Parker @Type1_Muinteoir

Welcome to another Thriveabetes interview. Today I’m with Mairéad Parker who you might know as @Type1_Muinteoir on Instagram. Mairéad was diagnosed with diabetes at age 4 years just before she started primary school. She has lived with diabetes for 28 years and is currently expecting her first baby in September so naturally one of the topics we touched on was managing pregnancy and diabetes.

Part 1

In part 1 of this interview Mairéad talks about her teenage years with diabetes which, not unusually, was a struggle and we talk about how and where acceptance of her diabetes came about through doing a DAFNE course and also being gifted a Flash glucose monitor in 2016. We also touched briefly on sharing diabetes in relationships.

Part 2

In part 2 of Mairéad’s Interview: We talk about her pregnancy and being a Freestyle Libre ambassador and how she would like to use that platform to raise awareness on the need for access to this technology for the over 21 age group.

Here is Mairéad’s December 2020 blog post published on Thriveabetes: Teaching with Type ! Diabetes.


We also mentioned some financial supports/refunds if you are self funding your sensors which you can find out more about here


If anyone is interested in finding other women with diabetes going through or considering pregnancy this private Facebook group is really supportive – Type1 Diabetes, Conception, Pregnancy & Motherhood in Ireland.

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